Our Vision

Empower anyone to quickly and easily
create solutions for collaborative work

Our Vision

Empower anyone to quickly and easily create solutions for collaborative work

We think the best way to accomplish this is with a product that leverages how most people already work together.

That’s why Spreadsheet.com has the same familiar interface and features that hundreds of millions of spreadsheet users already know — but with a whole new set of database and project management capabilities that go far beyond traditional spreadsheet products.

If you’re as excited as we are about the future of collaborative work, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for people with a passion for spreadsheets, a healthy penchant for questioning the status quo, and an eagerness for empowering people to create.

Job Openings

We need exceptional people to help us reinvent the spreadsheet as the fabric of collaborative work. Below are current full time opportunities to play a role in evolving one of the most-used business applications in history, the “killer app” that ushered in the PC era.
Spreadsheet.com is funded by well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firms and legends of the software industry. Come build the future of the spreadsheet with us.


Matt Robinson

co-founder & CEO

Matt is responsible for product management and strategy. Before Spreadsheet.com, he was co-founder and CEO of two bootstrapped enterprise SaaS companies acquired by Progress Software (PRGS) and Taleo (acquired by Oracle). Matt began his career as a software engineer and co-authored two editions of Manning’s Swing programming book, endorsed by the creator of Java, James Gosling. He has a BS in Mathematics from Bates College and an MS in Management from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


Murali Mohan

co-founder & CTO

Murali is responsible for product architecture and engineering. Before Spreadsheet.com, he spent 13 years at Progress Software, most recently as Director of Engineering for a low-code rapid application development platform. Prior to that he was an architect and engineer for several developer-focused products including an enterprise service bus (ESB), a transaction and web-services monitoring platform, and an integrated developer environment (IDE). He has a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.