The #1 Airtable alternative for Project Management and custom apps. is more flexible and familiar than Airtable, with cell-level data types, indentable rows for task hierarchies, over 400 formula functions, and more.

  • Built-in Project Management
  • Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar Views
  • Connect worksheets together like database tables
  • Embeddable Forms for collecting data
  • No-code automations with visual workflow editor
  • 25+ rich column and cell-level data types
  • File attachments that live in cells
  • Over 150 templates to start from
  • Integrate with thousands of tools
All the power of Airtable in a more flexible spreadsheet designed for Project Management.
The spreadsheet you know with power of a database and project management system, no-code automations, integrations, and real time collaboration.

Core Features

Sheet views

Kanban views

Calendar views

Gantt views

Forms and Form views

Files that live in cells (Attachments)

25+ column and cell-level Data Types



Sharing with 6 distinct permission levels

Version history

Project Management Features

Task dependencies (predecessors & successors)

Task dependency types (SS, SF, FS, FF)

Task constraint types (ASAP, ALAP, SNET, MFO, MSO)

Task hierarchies

Custom reminders

Custom notifications

Database Features

Tables with column data types

Related rows (relational worksheets)

Related row lookups and rollups

Cross-workbook related rows

Cell-level related rows

Automation & Integration Features

Visual no-code automation builder

Conditional logic in automations

Built-in Slack, MS Teams, and Gmail integrations

Zapier integration (connect to 4000+ apps)

Over 100 pre-built automation recipes


Webhooks support in automations and API

Traditional Spreadsheet Features

400+ Formula Functions

14 Chart types with multi-series support

Cell-level styling and formatting

Cell and range references in formulas (A1 style)

Merge cells

Borders and text wrap settings

Conditional formatting

Named ranges

Import from Excel and CSV

Export to Excel and PDF


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