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INVYO is a France-based data management marketplace that helps its customers integrate all of their internal and external data sources. To accomplish this, INVYO turns to to build technical roadmaps and track deadlines. The result? A project management system custom-tailored for INVYO and their customers.

Gautier Velut
Chief Technology Officer at INVYO

Originally from Lyon, France, Gautier Velut now lives in the northern city of Lile. At INVYO, Gautier is the tech guy, a passion that he nurtures outside of work, too. The father and husband loves artificial intelligence, as well as process optimization and automation.

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As a leading publisher and integrator of technology solutions, INVYO collects large amounts of raw data in order to detect new market insights. It does that by analyzing, translating, processing, and displaying data analysis in an accessible and digestible format. As part of this process, INVYO has roadmaps for its different products and services. This requires a robust system with a full suite of customizable features.

In the past, INVYO tried different Kanban systems, such as Trello and Wimi. The team found they were too “basic.” Gautier’s team then moved on to Jira.

“Jira didn’t work out for us,” Gautier says. “The other tools we tried were either incomplete or didn’t meet our needs. We needed something that was adaptable and allowed us to configure custom workflows. Instead, we encountered products that were too time-consuming to set up, which meant our project managers and developers were losing time trying to fill in the gaps and adapt the roadmaps to these platforms.”


INVYO struggled to find the right solution. In 2021, they discovered and got to work building a custom solution. “ seemed to offer the amount of customization we needed in order to manage our product releases,” Gautier explains. “Once we confirmed that, we adopted really quickly.”

For Gautier, is the total package. “ has created one of the most — if not the most — agile project management tool,” he says. “We use each and every functionality to its fullest potential, which helps us in many aspects: team organizing, project management, client feedback, data inventory, etc.”

" has created one of the most — if not the most — agile project management tool.

To set up INVYO’s product roadmaps, his team of developers has created multiple worksheets that help to manage the process end to end. These roadmaps include dates, duration of a project, subcategories, and lots more. This detailed view is necessary because it gives their customers visibility into every step of the process.

“We can share workspaces with customers, and they love it,” he says. “We even use the fact that we provide visibility into the roadmap as a selling point with potential clients. They get the opportunity to monitor the development process as it happens. Through in-cell messages and forms, we give them a way to provide feedback so that we can further improve our collaboration with clients.”

But does more than create a transparent relationship between INVYO and their customers. It also streamlines their workflows. Instead of adapting their roadmaps to fit other systems’ frameworks, INVYO leverages’s flexibility to adapt the platform to theirs. Gautier estimates that this makes his team about 40% more efficient, and helps him manage the company's technical debt.

“With, I have a complete history of every bug, feedback, quality check, and more. It’s all synchronized in one place,” he adds. “We have replaced so many different tools with, and it saves us a lot of time.”

Last words?

We use each and every functionality to its fullest potential, which helps us in many aspects: team organizing, project management, client feedback, data inventory, etc.

“I really like the automations,” Ryan adds. “When I'm reading a message, I can insert data from the row instead of hard coding things. That's fantastic. That makes life way easier. The ability to assign to people, which is tied to their email address as well. That's great.”

Kanban views

One of’s view types, Kanban, allows users to see data quickly and easily. In Kanban view, it’s simple to move, sort, and filter project cards and get a complete picture of the progress.

For INVYO’s team of developers, Kanban views allow users to digest complex information with ease. “We work with huge amounts of data, and Kanban makes it understandable,” he says. “A table view can be overwhelming, especially since one developer doesn’t need to know what another developer is working on. There’s too much information. With a filtered Kanban view, developers only see their tasks and not the entire set of data.”

Automating recurring tasks

The automations play a pivotal role in the escalation system that Ryan built through “It tracks escalations, automates responses and timelines,” he says. “That’s the biggest thing I built through the platform.”

Related rows

Related rows connect data across different worksheets. INVYO’s team values this feature because it allows them to re-use data throughout their workbooks without duplication, giving them a way to centralize and process large amounts of information with a single source of truth.

“Related rows allow us to connect data across multiple workbooks,” Gautier says. “This feature  essentially works like a relational database. You can easily connect to the specific data, even in different workbooks. In other tools, you can only manage a specific view at a time, and if you want to connect them, you need to write custom code or build complex integrations.” 

Task managementLearn More

Custom To-do lists enable users to check off the tasks they have and haven’t completed. Gautier and team use to build checklists that keep them on track.

“One complex project is the accumulation of many small parts. If we miss any of the details, the entire project may fail,” he says. “For one part of the roadmap, for example, we need to manage a large number of technical projects, which means it can get quite messy. If you don’t manage them properly, you’ll miss things, which costs the company a lot of time and money. Checklists help us keep track of everything and ensure no small detail falls through the cracks.” 

Last words?

“The other night at a tech managers’ meeting, I asked colleagues how they manage their data, and then I told them about I showed them a few examples of how we manage our product roadmaps, and I think this persuaded them to switch from their existing solutions to The platform speaks for itself.”

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