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As a teacher, you’ve got a lot to juggle. Between planning lessons, scheduling assignments and exams, keeping track of students, and communicating with parents, the school year can quickly become hectic without a set of good organizational tools under your belt. gives you all the tools you need to get the new school year off to a strong start. With unique features like Related rows, view types, and rich data types – as well as all of the traditional spreadsheet features you know and expect – adapts to your unique classroom workflow.

And with free Premium plans for teachers and students and discounted plans for other education staff, you can access everything has to offer without adding to your classroom expenses.

Take a look below at a few of the ways that can help you manage your classroom this year.

Create and Share an Academic Calendar with Calendar Views

With Calendar views, makes it easy to create calendars that can be shared with anyone, even if they don’t have a account. Take a look at our Academic Calendar workbook. The primary view shows a list of events as rows in a traditional spreadsheet, each with a category, expressed as a Select column, and a start and end date, both configured with the Date data type.

An Academic Calendar shown with a Sheet view

With just a few clicks, we can add a Calendar view to our workbook and turn each row into an event laid out on a monthly calendar.

An Academic Calendar shown with a Calendar view

Our calendar events are color coded by their category, so it’s easy to reference things like days off, half days, or academic milestones at a glance. You can add new events to your calendar by clicking on the day they’re scheduled on, just like you would expect from Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

If you share a link to your calendar with the “Share view” button in the toolbar, people you share the iCal link with can subscribe to your calendar and import the events into their own calendar apps. When you add or change calendar events in, their calendar apps will update automatically.

With public embedding, you can embed your calendar directly in a school or classroom website. Take a look at the embedded calendar below:

Creating an academic calendar with’s Calendar views makes it easy to share key dates with parents, students, and anyone else in the school community.

Plan Lessons and Track Learning Objectives

With’s pre-built Class Planner template, you can plan and execute lesson plans for one or multiple classes.'s Class Planner template helps you plan activities, organize them into lessons, and relate them to learning objectives

With rich data types, you can include all of the information you need for each activity like attachments, important links, and more. With the Select data type and row grouping, you can categorize activities into lessons, and then use Related rows to connect each lesson with a learning objective.

Learn more about working with the Class Planner template in our guide Creating Lesson Plans with

Manage Classroom Attendance with Icons and Conditional Formatting makes it easy to track your students’ attendance throughout the school year. With the Student Attendance template, you can use the Icon set data type to log students as “Unexcused Absence”, “Excused Absence”, or “Tardy” with just a couple of clicks.'s Student Attendance template makes it easy to record each student's daily attendance status

Built-in conditional formatting rules will automatically highlight a student’s row if they reach a designated number of absences or tardies so you can reference their attendance status at a glance. With Related rows, you can link each student’s attendance record to their profile in a student roster, where you can log other information like emergency contacts, contact information, and school photos.

Relate each student's attendance record to their roster profile

Automate Your Gradebook with Functions

By using the Class Grades Tracker template, it’s easy to create a digital gradebook that automatically calculates students’ grades with a few simple built-in formulas. uses the same functions as Excel and Google Sheets, and with support for importing .CSV, .XLSX, and other common spreadsheet file types, you can transfer your existing gradebooks from other software to take advantage of’s unique features.'s Class Grades Tracker lets you automate your gradebook by automatically calculating each student's overall class grade

With this template, you can set your letter grade thresholds in the table header region, assign each assignment or exam a points value, and enter each student’s individual score. The template’s built-in formulas will automatically calculate each student’s overall grade, and can automatically highlight those that fall below a certain threshold with conditional formatting rules.

If you’ve already created a roster of students in another workbook, you can use Related rows and Related row lookups to link students’ grade records with their roster profiles, giving you a single source of truth for everything you need to know about your students.

Get Started with

Ready to get started with and hit the ground running this school year? Start a new workbook from any of the templates shown above, or visit the Template Gallery to find more ready-to-use education templates.

With’s free Premium plans for teachers and students and discounted plans for other education staff, you can get started today without dipping into your classroom budget.

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