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DevOps Engineer

Hyderabad, India

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will be responsible for the continuous uptime, deployment, and high performance at scale of our secure, elastically scalable, highly available multi-tenanted backend platform. You will collaborate closely with Product Management, Platform Engineering, and QA Engineering teams to build, continuously deploy, and automate rollouts of the Spreadsheet.com platform. You will design and implement frameworks that will enable the continuous availability and scalability of the entire system.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong shell scripting experience
  • Strong AWS experience
  • EC2, S3, VPC, setting up Security Groups, ELB, ALB, multi AZ deployments
  • Experience with K8s, Docker
  • Experience setting up CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience rolling out and maintaining cluster deployments using Ansible/Puppet/Chef and rolling upgrades (Blue Green deployments)
  • Experience setting up and monitoring cluster health metrics
  • Experience with nginx
  • Strong security experience (important)
  • Image hardening (esp. nginx/apache), SOC2-Type2 audit experience, HIPAA
  • Experience with web-based security best practices, updating cipher suite lists, OWASP top 10, etc.
  • Familiarity with Sumologic/Splunk

What we offer:

  • Full medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Paid family leave
  • Distributed team, remote work
  • Generous, flexible vacation
  • Flexible work hours

Our mission is to empower anyone to build spreadsheets as powerful as apps. That’s why Spreadsheet.com has the same familiar interface and features that hundreds of millions of spreadsheet users already know — but with a whole new set of capabilities that go far beyond traditional spreadsheet products.

If you’re as excited as we are about the future of spreadsheets and collaborative work, we’d love to hear from you. We’re funded by well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firms and looking for a diverse group of people with a passion for spreadsheets, a healthy penchant for questioning the status quo, and an eagerness for empowering people to create.

Open Positions at Spreadsheet.com
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