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Students get free Premium level access supports the education of our next generation by providing free Premium level access to students with a .edu email address at an accredited school.

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How to register
It's simple. Just sign up with your .edu email address.

As a student at an accredited K-12 school, college, or university, you are eligible for free Premium level access to

By signing up with and verifying your .edu email address, you will automatically be enrolled in the "Education" plan. There is no application process necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?
Students at accredited K-12 schools, universities, colleges, or other types of educational institutions.
Who is not eligible?
Free student access is subject to verification of your school's accredited status.
How long does free Premium level access last for students?
Free Premium level access lasts as long as you remain a student at the organization you signed up from.