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Mar 22, 2022

Product updates: Charts have arrived, Borders 2.0, new templates, and more ...

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

Today we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Charts in Spreadsheet.com, including support for 14 different chart types ranging from Pie and Donut, to Line, Area, Column, Bar, and Combo.

We also redesigned the way borders are rendered, and added non-contiguous selection capabilities for cell styling and multi-series chart creation.

Last but not least, we added 12 new templates to the Spreadsheet.com Template Gallery.

Let’s take a look!


You can now create charts in any Spreadsheet.com worksheet, with 14 chart types to choose from along with a variety of configuration options.

Spreadsheet.com Chart Types

To create a chart, click the Insert Chart button in the worksheet toolbar, or choose Insert > Chart from the menu bar. A chart’s axes can be defined by selecting columns or ranges in the Setup tab. Chart and axis labels along with legend style and positioning can be changed in the Configuration tab.

For example, here we create a Pie chart based on a Select column and change the legend to appear on the left:

Adding a Pie Chart in Spreadsheet.com

Most chart types include support for aggregation and multiple data series that can be configured to give you the precise view of your data that you're looking for.

For example, here we create a Column chart with data aggregated by a Select column on the X-axis, and two Number columns as series:

Configuring a Column Chart in Spreadsheet.co

For a full introduction and overview of Charts, see Introduction to Charts.

For examples of some some charts in action, check out our updated Simple CRM, Project Plan, Simple Applicant Tracking, and Help Desk Tickets templates.

Chart Types

Pie and Donut Charts are circular graphs divided into “slices”, where each slice is sized proportionally to its data’s share of the data as a whole. For more information about pie charts, see Chart Types: Pie Charts and Donut Charts.

Pie Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Line and Smooth Line Charts are two-axis graphs displaying a series of data points with straight line segments connecting them. For more information about line charts, see Chart Types: Line Charts and Smooth Line Charts.

Line Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Column and Stacked Column Charts are two-axis charts that show rectangular columns with heights proportional to the data they represent. For more information about column charts, see Chart Types: Column Charts, Stacked Column Charts, and 100% Stacked Column Charts.

Column Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Area and Stacked Area Charts are two-axis graphs displaying a series of data points with straight line segments connecting them and the area underneath shaded. For more information about area charts, see Chart Types: Area Charts, Stacked Area Charts, and 100% Stacked Area Charts.

Area Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Bar and Stacked Bar Charts are two-axis charts that show rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the data they represent. For more information about bar charts, see Chart Types: Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts, and 100% Stacked Bar Charts.

Bar Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Combo Charts are two-axis charts that display one or more column charts with one or more line charts overlaid. For more information about combo charts, see Chart Types: Combo Charts.

Combo Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Borders 2.0

We rebuilt how borders work in Spreadsheet.com from the ground up. Now borders of all styles and thicknesses render smoothly over the grid rather than inline at cell edges.

See our Product/Market Fit Survey & Analysis template for an example of new border rendering (and charts) in action.

Borders and Charts in Spreadsheet.com

Non-Contiguous Cell Selection

We also added the ability to select non-contiguous cells by holding the CTRL key down and using your mouse to select multiple cells or ranges. Once selected styling actions can be taken on them as a group. Also, when a chart is created from a non-contiguous selection, each range will be treated as a series in the chart.

Non-contiguous Cell Selection in Spreadsheet.com

New Templates

We've added 12 new templates to the Spreadsheet.com Template Gallery for a variety of use cases ranging from HR to G&A, Operations, Nonprofit, Startups, Retail, and Real Estate.

For example, the new Team Objectives & Tasks template is designed for managing tasks and objectives across multiple teams. Monitor the status and progress of projects, assign team leads, and add file attachments directly into cells.

Team Objectives and Tasks Spreadsheet Template

Other newly published templates include:

More updates

As usual, whenever we release updates to the product we share more details of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the What’s New? section of the Spreadsheet.com Community.  

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon ...

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