Aug 6, 2023 Billing Plan Changes

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

Thank you for using We've been busy adding new features and functionality to make you and your team more productive. In June we launched Spreadsheet AI, which allows you to generate new worksheets from a natural language prompt, generate cell content and formulas with AI, and even debug formulas. We're now in the midst of a HIPAA audit and will be able to sign BAAs with any Enterprise customer soon.

To reflect the value we've added and to ensure we can continue investing in new features and enhancements, we're updating our plan limits and licensing as shown in our Pricing page.

Effective August 12th, plans will change as detailed below. In addition, all unused invite and referral credits will be removed.

For those currently using a workspace beyond these limits you will be presented with a dialog giving options for how to proceed.


The Free plan has the following limit changes:


The Standard plan has the following limit changes:


The Premium plan continues to allow an unlimited number of editors, commenters, and viewers as long as your workspace has 4 or more licenses. There is now a limit of 2 free editors or commenters per license when you have 3 or fewer licenses.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about these changes at

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