Mar 30, 2023

Product Updates: Dashboards

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dashboards in Spreadshee​​t​​​​.​com.

We also rolled out ability to create a new workbook from publicly shared Views, improved the speed of bulk OpenAI formula requests, and enabled Zoom level in publicly shared and embedded workbooks.

Let’s take a look.


Now with Dashboards you can quickly build and share an overview of projects and initiatives with data from any number of workbooks and views.

Dashboards in

Like Workbooks and Reports, Dashboards are a new document type that can be created in any workspace and folder from the + New dialog:

Creating a new Dashboard in

The first step in creating a Dashboard is to select the source worksheets you want to pull data from:

Selecting source worksheets for a Dashboard in

Once your source worksheets are selected, the next step is to add widgets that display all the information you want to visualize.

Dashboards are made up of a number of configurable widgets that range from rich text to embedded views, numbers, images, videos, and more:

Dashboard Widgets in

Because Dashboards are modular, customizable, and can include information from any number of Spreadsheet.​com workbooks, there are literally endless ways to use them. Some common ways you might use Dashboards are…

Explore what you can do with Dashboards

Check out our new Guide Using a CRM Dashboard to Manage a Sales Pipeline to learn how Dashboards can be used to visually communicate important data with your team and complement a traditional CRM workbook.

Learn more about Dashboards

Copy View capability in publicly shared Views

Following the release of public View sharing and embedding, we’ve added the ability to allow users to Copy View. This creates a new workbook from the shared view, with only the data present in that view.

This ability is enabled by default in shared Views and can be disabled in the public View sharing and embedding dialog.

Faster OPENAI_COMPLETE function calls

For those using our OpenAI integration function, OPENAI_COMPLETE, now the performance of updating column formulas and when dragging down to autofill is up to 10x faster.

Zoom now works in publicly shared workbooks

Now when a workbook or template is shared publicly or embedded, Zoom level is enabled.

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

Stay tuned for these and more updates coming soon ...

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