Aug 1, 2022

Product Updates: Design updates and 16 new templates

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO
What's new in

We’re thrilled to launch a number of major updates to the user interface. From column data type icons to new workbook menus, navigation menus, color-coded Views, and a new palette for the worksheet grid, we think you’ll find navigating workbooks a faster and more enjoyable experience.

We also published 16 new templates for use cases ranging from Construction Estimation to Sprint Planning, OKR Tracking, a COVID Vaccine Tracker, and an Investor CRM. In addition, we published 6 new work management articles and use case guides for you to learn from.

Let’s take a look!

1. Color-coded Views

Each View type now has it’s own color-coded icon, making it easier to distinguish view types at a glance in the View selector and sidebar.

Color-coded Views in
2. New workbook menu

We’ve streamlined the workbook header area by moving and consolidating the workbook menus into a new workbook menu structure, now available from the hamburger icon on the left.

New Workbook Menu in

In addition, a new menu is now available next to the workbook’s name with a few of the most commonly used workbook actions.

New Workbook Common Actions Menu in
3. Column data type icons

We’re excited to introduce column data type icons. For each typed column (i.e. columns with an assigned data type other than Automatic), you will now see an icon in the column header corresponding to that column’s assigned data type.

Column Data Type Icons in

For cases where you don’t want column data type icons to appear, you can simply turn them off at the worksheet level with the new Show column icons option in the View menu.

Hiding Column Data Type Icons in
4. New global navigation menu

We’ve also consolidated global navigation actions into a new menu available by clicking the logo in the upper left, which remains a quick way to access recent items, templates, and home.

New Global Navigation Menu in
5. New worksheet tabs

Last but not least, we’ve made it easier to quickly identify the currently selected worksheet tab with a color change that you can’t miss.

New Worksheet Tabs in

To learn more about the new navigation changes, see Navigating Workbooks.

New Use Case Guides

We published 3 new use case guides for you to learn from. For example, in the new Grouping Rows in a Simple CRM guide, you’ll learn how easy it is to group rows that share common data in one or more columns, how to create a new view, create group summaries, and more.

Grouping Rows in a Simple CRM Template

Other newly published guides include:

Visualizing a Simple CRM with Charts

Visualizing a Stock Portfolio with Charts

New Work Management Resources

We also published 3 new articles about work management best practices. For example, in the new Agile Project Management Guide you’ll learn what agile project management is, its pros and cons, Scrum vs Kanban, and more, to see if the Agile methodology is right for your team. Agile Project Management Guide

Other newly published resources include:

A Guide to SWOT Analysis

How To Increase Your Team’s Productivity

New Templates

In addition, we published 16 new templates for use cases ranging from Construction Estimation, to Sprint Planning, OKR Tracking, a COVID Vaccine Tracker, and an Investor CRM.

For example, the new COVID Vaccine Tracker template is designed for managing your organization’s COVID protocol compliance. With built-in automations, the template will automatically mark employees as ‘Cleared’ once they are up to date on their doses. COVID Vaccine Tracker Template

The OKR template keeps your team’s goals on track. Create a list of your key results, assign them to owners, and track progress and expected start and end dates. With row grouping, it’s easy to quickly categorize your key results into objectives and other team-wide initiatives. OKR Template

The Sprint Planning template helps improve your product team’s efficiency. Log tasks as well as key details like task owners, attachments, dates, and more – and organize them into sprints with the Select data type and row grouping. In addition, with built-in Gantt and Calendar views, it’s easy to switch from your task list to an interactive timeline or calendar for visualizing sprint progress. Sprint Planning Template

Other newly published templates include:

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

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