Dec 30, 2022

Product Updates: New Rich Text data type, new import capabilities, 27 new templates, and more

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO
What's new in

We’re wrapping up the final week of 2022 with the launch of two new features and a handful of enhancements we think you’ll enjoy:

  1. A new Rich Text data type with markdown support
  2. A new tool for importing data via CSV into existing worksheets
  3. Ability to delete dependencies visually in Gantt charts
  4. Enhanced Project Management settings dialog
  5. Improvements to the mobile and tablet browser user experience

In addition, we added 27 new templates for use cases ranging from Roadmap Reviews to Construction Timelines, Workload Management, Email Campaign Calendars, Party Planning, and more.

Last but not least, we published new Work Management Articles and Guides for you to learn from.

Let’s take a look!

1. Rich Text data type with markdown support

The new Rich Text data type allows you to work with cells like mini documents within your spreadsheets.

Rich Text data type in

As with other data types, columns, ranges, and individual cells can now be set to use the Rich Text data type.

Text in rich text cells can be formatted as:

Formatting can be applied using a floating toolbar that appears above the rich text cell being edited, or by using basic markdown syntax.

For example, typing "[ ] Option 1" will result in:

For a full guide to basic markdown syntax, see Basic Syntax. Note that currently supports a subset of this syntax.

Unlike other data types, pressing the ENTER or RETURN key creates a new line within a Rich Text cell. This allows you to work in a cell as you would a multi-paragraph document. To end and accept cell edits, you can use the Done button at the bottom right of the active rich text cell, or use the TAB key to accept edits and move to the adjacent cell.

2. Import data via CSV into existing worksheets

Now you can easily import data into the table region of existing worksheets. Select the new Import from CSV option from any Sheet view’s options menu and choose a CSV file to import.

Import data from CSV into a worksheet in

A column mapper will allow you to map data from your CSV file to columns in your worksheet, and you’ll see a full preview of what that imported data will look like once it's converted to your worksheet’s assigned column data types.

3. Easily remove dependencies in Gantt charts

With the latest update you can now easily remove dependencies from Gantt views by simply clicking on a dependency line and choosing to delete it.

Remove dependencies in Gantt Charts

As with other actions, dependency deletion is undoable and re-doable using standard keyboard shortcuts, e.g. CTRL + Z (Windows) and Command + Z (Mac).

4. New Project Management settings dialog

To accommodate a growing number of project management settings, we reorganized the Project Management settings dialog into a new tabbed interface for easier management.

Project Management worksheet settings in

5. Enhancements to the responsive mobile and tablet user experience

More than 10% of all traffic comes from users on mobile or tablet devices. That's why we’ve been enhancing the responsive mobile and tablet browser experience over the past few weeks with many improvements and bug fixes, including better support for touch gestures.

Responsive Mobile browser support in

Stay tuned. We’re on a roll and can’t wait to remove the “Mobile devices not supported” banner from the login page!

New Work Management Resources

In our new Checklists in Project Management article you’ll learn all about project management checklists for successfully conducting research, forming a team, planning a project, and executing it on time and within budget.

Other newly published resources include:

New Use Case Guides

In the new Quick Guide: Create a Report with Data from Multiple Workbooks, you’ll learn how to use Reports to collect and aggregate data from multiple worksheets or workbooks to create a combined view of data from different sources.

Other newly published guides include:

New Templates

In addition, we published 27 new templates for use cases ranging from Roadmap Reviews to Construction Timelines, Workload Management, Email Campaign Calendars, Party Planning, and more.

For example, the Bathroom Construction Plan template is designed for managing a construction schedule, connecting each task with the appropriate contractor, and keeping the project’s costs under control with a built-in budget.

Bathroom Construction Plan spreadsheet template

The Roadmap Review template is designed for keeping a list of key roadmap tasks using rich data types and conditional formatting so that overdue tasks automatically get highlighted.

Roadmap Review spreadsheet template

The Email Campaign Calendar template makes it easy to record information about different email campaigns, see all campaigns laid out in a calendar view, and import campaign schedules into external calendar applications like Outlook or Google Calendar.

Email Campaign Calendar spreadsheet template

Other newly published templates include:

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

Stay tuned for these and more updates coming soon ...

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