Mar 11, 2023

Product Updates: Zoom level in Sheet and Gantt views

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

We’re happy to share that worksheet zoom level is now available in Sheet views and Gantt views.

In addition, we improved Undo/Redo support for formulas so that deleted rows and columns that are subsequently restored also restore dependent formulas.

We also built a relational database version of NFX's open source generative tech market map for those interested in exploring data about companies building generative AI technology.

Let’s take a look.

Zoom in, zoom out

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Zoom in Sheet and Gantt views. The ability to quickly zoom in and out of a worksheet has been a long awaited and highly requested feature in

As with traditional spreadsheets, you can control the zoom level of your worksheet by zooming in up to 200% and out to a minimum of 50%. The experience is just as smooth and fast in Gantt views as it is in Sheet views.

Zoom in Sheet and Gantt Views

This can be combined with your browser’s zoom level to increase or decrease the net zoom level in either direction.

Zoom level is a user-specific setting and does not affect other collaborative users in the workbook.

Undo/Redo Improvements

Undoing the deletion of rows and columns that formulas depend on now properly restores those formulas to their previous state, as expected. This applies to cross-sheet formulas as well. As with many formula engine capabilities, supporting this traditional spreadsheet behavior is more complex than it sounds. Hats off to our engineering team!

What’s Happening in Generative Tech?

Generative AI is leading one of the fastest sea changes we’ve seen in software. Software companies will have to adapt fast or get left behind. At Spreadsheet.​com we’re building powerful new AI capabilities into the product and can't wait to get these productivity boosting features into your hands.

Meanwhile, NFX, a venture capital firm with a focus on generative tech, has created a Generative Tech Open Source Market Map spreadsheet now tracking over 500 generative AI companies and counting.

We enjoyed browsing NFX’s data so much that we recreated their market map as a relational database in Spreadsheet.​com with filtered Views, a built-in Form, and Related Rows allowing you to navigate between companies, categories, and locations. Check it out here. version of the NFX Open Source Generative Tech Market Map

Learn more about Related Rows in Spreadsheet.​com to build spreadsheets that work like lightweight relational databases: Link spreadsheets together like database tables with Related Rows.

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

Stay tuned for these and more updates coming soon ...

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