Feb 1, 2021

Product updates: View permissions and locking

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO
View Permissions

One of the most popular requests we’ve heard from early users has been the ability to limit access to certain views in a worksheet to a specific group of people. Now you can quickly and easily set permissions on any view by using the new View permissions button in the view toolbar, or from the view’s context menus:

View permissions in Spreadsheet.com

View Locking

Another popular request has been the ability to lock certain views so other users cannot change the filters, sorts, hidden columns, and other aspects of the view configuration. Now you can lock a view simply by clicking the new Lock this view button in the view toolbar, or from the view’s context menu:

View locking in Spreadsheet.com

When a view is locked, other users who are not Owners of the workbook still can open the filters, sorts, hide columns, and other view configuration dialogs, but they cannot make changes:

Locked view indicators in Spreadsheet.com

Fixes and enhancements

In addition to a number of fixes to formula functions, the TODAY and NOW functions have been enhanced to fetch a result based on the Workbook’s time zone.See Product Updates - January 30, 2021 in the Spreadsheet.com Community for more details.

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now, stay tuned:

More updates

As usual, whenever we release updates to the product we share more details of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the What’s New? section of the Spreadsheet.com Community.  

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