Jun 4, 2021

Product updates: Gantt Views and Project Management

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

   My, my, my, my
   Timeline hits me, so hard
   makes me say "Yo Kanban board
   Thank you, but it's time to ride
   in a sheet with a Gantt chart side-by-side"

We're doing the Hammer dance here as we announce the beta release of Gantt Views in Spreadsheet.com. Now you can quickly create interactive Gantt charts side-by-side with your spreadsheet data to visualize work schedules and relationships between tasks.Watch an overview video (4.5 mins):

Introduction to Gantt Views and Project Management in Spreadsheet.com

Gantt views add an interactive timeline to the right of your worksheet showing task bars corresponding to each row in the table region. For example, in a worksheet of Tasks you can use a Gantt view to visually manage a project’s schedule and create task dependencies.

Gantt Views in Spreadsheet.com

Gantt views can be created in any worksheet by clicking “+ New view” in the view selector dialog, and choosing Gantt:

Creating a Gantt view in Spreadsheet.com

When the first Gantt view is created in a worksheet, Spreadsheet.com will guide you through enabling Project Management on that worksheet. Here you can configure which columns are used for task management, settings for working days and hours, and whether or not to enable task dependencies:

Project Management settings in Spreadsheet.com

Once Project Management is enabled, the assigned columns inherit special behavior. For example, Start Date, End Date, and Duration values automatically recompute when adjusted in the worksheet or Gantt chart, and data in these columns automatically rolls up from child rows to parent rows in hierarchies.

Task bars can be moved and resized using the mouse, and dependencies can be established between tasks by dragging connections between task bar antennae, as shown here:

Gantt view task bar movement, resizing, and dependency creation in Spreadsheet.com

A Gantt toolbar above the chart provides quick ways to zoom in and out, along with additional features such as highlighting the project's critical path:

Gantt view appearance settings in Spreadsheet.com

Read more in our Quick Start guide to Gantt views: Introduction to Gantt Views and Project Management.

What we're working on

A few features we're busy working on now:

More updates

As usual, whenever we release updates to the product we share more details of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the What’s New? section of the Spreadsheet.com Community.  

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