Jun 9, 2021

Product updates: No-code Automations and Integrations

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

We're programmatically thrilled to announce the release of no-code Automations in Spreadsheet.com.

Now you can quickly and easily automate repetitive work and integrate with other popular work tools using Spreadsheet.com automations built right into your spreadsheets. For example, you can create automations to:

Automations can be created by anyone. You don't need to know how to write code or create complicated scripts.

📹 Watch an overview video (6 mins)

Introduction to Automations and Integrations in Spreadsheet.com

Creating and Editing Automations

To create an automation, click the robot icon in the upper right of your workbook’s header.

Opening Automations in Spreadsheet.com

You’ll be taken to a library of over 50 automation recipes. Recipes are ready-to-use automation templates that are fast and easy to start from.

Automation recipes in Spreadsheet.com

Automation recipes available today include:

Spreadsheet.com automations are defined visually in a workflow editor. Each automation always has one Trigger block and one or more Action blocks. The trigger block determines when the automation will run, and the action blocks define the actions that will be performed. You can optionally add conditional logic by inserting condition blocks.

Visual automation workflow editor in Spreadsheet.com

Each action block can have multiple actions and you can reorder them to determine the execution sequence.

Automation action types in Spreadsheet.com

Custom notification messages and emails can include row data by inserting column placeholders in the subject and message body.

Custom automation notification messages in Spreadsheet.com

Read more in the community announcement: Product Updates - June 8, 2021 - Automations and Integrations

What we're working on

A few features we're busy working on now:

More updates

As usual, whenever we release updates to the product we share more details of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the What’s New? section of the Spreadsheet.com Community.  

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