Sep 8, 2020

Product updates: Cut-Copy-Paste 2.0, Export to Excel, Table header row and formula bar enhancements, and more

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO
What's new?

We’re excited to announce the release of several new features and enhancements we've been busy working on during the past few months:

In addition to these improvements, we’ve fixed over 66 bugs in this release and published the first version of the Roadmap in the community.

Cut, Copy, and Paste 2.0

We’ve completely rewritten how cut, copy, and paste operations work in, including how data is stored in the clipboard. Now all data types, styling, and formulas can be cut or copied as-is from one worksheet to another, even across workbooks in different browser windows. Data in attachment cells, related row cells, collaborator cells, etc., is preserved.

Cut, Copy, and Paste improvements in

Pasting data into a worksheet from other spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets) and external applications (e.g. web browsers, word processors) has been substantially improved, with pasted data automatically converted to target data types. Formatting and styling is also maintained where possible.

Copying and pasting from Google Sheets into

In addition, copying and pasting data from to other spreadsheets and applications has been substantially improved, with rich data type values replaced by human readable text where applicable.

We’ve also added a “paste values only” option that appears after a paste operation is completed, providing an option to remove copied styles and data types from the paste operation, similar to the behavior of traditional spreadsheet applications.

Pasting values only in

Export to Excel (beta)

Workbooks can now be exported to Excel (an XLSX file) by selecting the “Export to Excel” option in the File menu. This feature is a work in progress that has been in high demand by early users, so we decided to launch it in its current beta state. Please let us know if you run into issues with an exported file and we will prioritize a fix.

Exporting to Excel from

Cells with data types that have no equivalent in Excel (e.g. Attachments, Related rows, Collaborators, etc.) will be converted to the closest human readable text equivalent value.

Table Header Row Enhancements

After observing many early users interacting with the table header row, we’ve added context menus to table header row cells to make this feature more intuitive and behave more like table headers in traditional spreadsheet applications. This new context menu provides faster access to sorting, filtering, and changing column data types within a worksheet's table region.

Table Header Row in

Formula Bar Editor Enhancements

It’s been a surprise to us how many people use the formula bar to view and edit formulas rather than the in-cell formula editor. We’re excited to now bring the same cell-level formula assistant-based editor experience to the formula bar.

Formula bar editing enhancements in

Formula Calculation Progress Bar

We’ve added a formula calculation progress bar to make it clear when the formula engine is busy calculating. Often in worksheets with large numbers of formulas or complex calculations, worksheets may appear slow to respond when the worksheet is first loaded because the formula engine is busy. The new formula calculation progress bar provides a visual indication when this is happening.

Formula calculation progress bar in

Customizable Checkbox Colors

Checkbox cells now adopt each cell's foreground color, allowing you to choose any color for your checkboxes as easily as changing the color of text.

Customizable checkbox colors in

More updates

As usual, whenever we release updates to the product we share more details of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the What’s New? section of the Community.

We're also excited to announce the first version of the Roadmap. Please let us know if any item in particular is critical for you. This will help us adjust priorities based on demand.

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