Create a single view of data across multiple worksheets and workbooks

A fast and easy way to consolidate data from multiple sheets to keep everyone on the same page.

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Report on everything, in real time

Build reports that pull data from any workbook in your workspace, all updated in real time.

Combine any kind of data

Map worksheet columns to report columns in any way that you want. Data types don't have to match.

Sort, filter, and group to create unique views of your data

Powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping lets you create just the right view of your report data based on your needs.

Expand rows and drill down

Just like worksheets, reports let you open rows, edit, and drill down to related data in your source worksheets.

Share reports with the right people

Reports can be shared individually or as part of a folder with 6 different permission levels and domain-restricted sharing options.

Export and print

Export reports to PDF. Print reports with control over orientation, scale, margins and more.

Create a single view of data across multiple sheets with Reports
Get started — it's free