Create spreadsheets
as powerful as apps

Go beyond the grid with Views
From classic Sheet views to Gantt timelines, Kanban boards, Calendars, and embeddable Forms, gives you new ways to work built right into your spreadsheets.
Use rich cell data types for
any content
A rich set of data types that go beyond text and numbers, from dropdowns and user selectors to files that live in cells.
Legal Due Diligence Request Tools
Connect spreadsheets together with Related Rows
Finally, spreadsheets that work together. Eliminate data duplication by connecting rows across worksheets and workbooks, even in different folders, all without writing code or complicated formulas. It’s a spreadsheet and a relational database rolled into one.
Asset Management
Automate your work with no-code Automations & Integrations
Automate repetitive work in your spreadsheets using a visual workflow editor with conditional logic. Build automations to create and update rows, send custom notifications, and integrate with other work tools like Gmail, Slack, and MS Teams.
Construction Plan Task List

File attachments that live in cells

Attach documents and images inside cells with thumbnails and preview. Upload files from your device, camera, or other cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Onedrive, and Sharepoint.

Set reminders for key tasks

Schedule reminders for important followups, tasks, and other jobs to be done.

Get notified when something needs your attention

Receive in-app and out of app notifications when something requires your attention.

Collaborate in real time with everyone, no matter where they are

All changes are automatically saved and synced with everyone in real time. Message channels make working together fast and fun. Use native mobile and desktop apps (coming soon) to work seamlessly across devices.

Workbook Messages
Shared Folder

Shared folders and workbooks with 6 permission levels

Create folders to organize your work and share with other users. Assign permissions to control access rights. In paid plans you only pay for users who can create and share. Editors, commenters, and viewers are free, invite as many as you want.

Import spreadsheets from Excel, Google Sheets and CSV

Import full workbooks from Excel and Google Sheets with all worksheet data, styling, formatting, formulas, images, and more. Then quickly transform them into collaborative apps using the power of data types, views, and relationships.

Import Workbook
Restore Previous Version
View and restore versions from any point in time with version history

Version history lets you review who made each change and when they made it. Easily browse and restore an older version, or simply copy and paste data from the past.

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