Sheet Views

Get organized fast with a customized view of your data

Build everything from classic free-form spreadsheets to structured database tables with relationships.

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Sort, filter, and group to create unique views of your data

Powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping gives everyone the right view of the data based on their needs.

Choose from over 25 data types

Go beyond traditional spreadsheets with over 25 custom data types. From select and multiselect dropdowns, to icon sets, users, and attachments that live in cells.

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Attach files in cells

Manage documents right in your sheets by dragging and dropping files into Attachment cells with clickable thumbnails and fully interactive document preview.

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Expand rows for easier reading and editing

Work with rows like records in a database by expanding them into a full screen view.

Link worksheets together like database tables

Link rows between worksheets to connect data and eliminate data duplication, even across different workbooks. Each worksheet is also a relational database table.

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Define a table header row

Mark a row as the table header, allowing you to have a flexible table header region with a structured table below it.

Create parent-child structures with row hierarchies

Indent rows to create sub-tasks and parent-child relationships for formal project management and work breakdown structures.

Highlight key data with conditional formatting

Use conditional formatting rules that highlight rows, cells, and columns for calling attention to important data.

Write formulas using 400+ spreadsheet functions

Write formulas using over 400 functions with identical syntax you already know from Google Sheets and Excel.

Create charts to visualize your data

14 different chart types allow you to visualize any kind of data just the way you need it.

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Automate repetitive work

Use a visual no-code workflow editor to create automations and integrations that run when data in your worksheet changes.

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Share the right data with the right people

Share private views with only the people who should see that data. Lock views to prevent unwanted changes by collaborators.

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