Related Rows

Link spreadsheets together like database tables with Related Rows

Link rows between worksheets to connect data and eliminate data duplication, even across different workbooks.

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Easily connect and navigate related rows

Open linked rows from other worksheets to see all details and navigate to other related rows. Each worksheet is both a traditional spreadsheet and a relational database table.

Filter and group views based on relationships

Create Views that show data grouped and filtered by specific relationships.

Configure 1-way and 2-way relationships between worksheets

1-way relationships work like formula lookups, automatically pulling related data from a different worksheet. 2-way relationships keep related data synced between two worksheets, like relational database tables.

Limit related row selection based on Views

Make complex data entry easy for users by restricting related row cells to a specific set of rows in the target worksheet. For example, only allow selection of fulfillment centers in California.

Visual lookups and rollups can replace complex formulas

Use Related Row Lookup and Relate Row Rollup data types to look up and aggregate information from related worksheets. Replace complex VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and XLOOKUP formulas. Or use both, the choice is yours.

Create Automations that run when rows are linked

Use a visual no-code workflow editor to create automations and integrations that run when relationships are created, changed, or removed.

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Connect data across worksheets with Related Rows
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