Automate repetitive work with Automations

Use a visual, no-code workflow designer built right into your spreadsheets to automate work and connect to other popular work tools.

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Get started quickly with ready to go automation recipes

Choose from over 100 ready to go automation recipes to get started quickly, or build your own from scratch.

Trigger when automations run

Each automation starts from a trigger. Select from a variety of options ranging from cell updates to form submissions to kick off an automated workflow.

Add Actions to make work happen

Automations can execute any number of actions, ranging from sending emails and creating or updating rows, to sending custom Slack or MS Teams messages, or calling a webhook.

Use conditional logic

Each step of your automation can be configured with conditional logic to provide detailed control over work execution, including any number of nested branches and actions.

Assign work to users

Automatically assign tasks, leads, tickets, or anything else to the right people at the right time.

Send custom Slack and
MS Teams notifications

Automatically send custom messages to any channel in your communication hub when data changes, a form is submitted, or any other criteria are met.

Send custom emails from Gmail

Automatically send custom messages from your personal or company email account.

Trigger automations based on specific dates and times

Run workflows that automate task creation at pre-determined schedules, and remind people of upcoming dates and times or overdue work.

Create recurring automations

Periodically run a workflow based on a specific interval of time.

Test automations before activating them

Use the Test run feature to debug and verify automation behavior before enabling them in your worksheets.

Easily turn automations on and off

Automations are easy to toggle on and off giving you complete control over your workflows at any time.

View automation run logs with Automation Activity

Automation activity tracking captures the details of every trigger, condition, and action execution for future review and debugging.

Use Webhooks for real-time notifications

Often used by developers, webhook actions post updates to servers or third-party applications when automations are triggered in your worksheets.

Automate repetitive work with
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