Calendar Views

Schedule your work with an interactive Calendar View

Plan and organize work in a flexible calendar view to keep everyone up to date and on the same page with schedules.

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Create a Calendar View from any Date columns

Visualize and manage data in a familiar calendar view based on any Date or Date & Time column in your worksheet.

Create and move events visually

Create new rows associated with a date, and easily drag and drop rows from one date to another.

Switch between Month, Week, and Day views

Quick and familiar ways to zoom in and out of your calendar view with monthly, weekly, and daily view options.

Color events to easily find what you're looking for

Assign custom colors to events based on a select column or conditional formatting rules to visually categorize events.

Get a 10,000 foot view of your work with mini-calendar

Don't miss the forest for the trees. See 3 months of events at a time with the scrollable mini-calendar next to each Calendar view.

Easily assign events to dates and times with drag and drop

Quickly find rows that don't have assigned dates and drag them into your calendar to get them on a schedule.

Expand events for easier reading and editing

Double click on a calendar item to expand it into a full screen view.

Create Automations that run when dates change

Use a visual no-code workflow editor to create custom automations or integrations that run whenever a date changes or a deadline is coming up.
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Schedule your work with Calendar Views
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