Data Types

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Store any kind of data anywhere you need it with over 25 data types that can be set at the column, range, and individual cell level.

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Data types for any content

Go beyond text, numbers, and formulas in cells with data types ranging from single and multi-select drop-downs, icon sets, ratings, and file attachments that live in cells.

Store files in cells

Manage documents and images right in your sheets with the Attachment data type. Drag and drop files into Attachment cells with clickable thumbnails and fully interactive document previews.

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Rich in-cell formatting and markdown

Work with cells like mini documents in your spreadsheets with the Rich Text data type. Format text within cells using a floating toolbar or with markdown syntax.

Assign users

Easily manage ownership and other relationships between people and data using the User data type.

Link worksheets together like relational database tables

Link rows between worksheets to connect data and reduce duplication, even across different workbooks, using the Related Row data type.

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Visually look up and roll up data from other worksheets

Use Related row lookup and Related row rollup data types to look up and aggregate information from related worksheets. Replace complex VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and XLOOKUP formulas or use both -- the choice is yours.

Filter, sort, and group by any data type

Color-coded options in single and multi-select drop downs make it easy to group, sort, and filter to create customized views of your data just right for your team.

Enforce data validation

Set columns, ranges, and cells to Strict to ensure data entered matches the data type of the cell.

Set data types on individual cells and ranges of cells

Put any kind of data anywhere you need it by customizing the data type of any cell or range of cells.

Write formulas using traditional spreadsheet formula syntax

Support for over 400 formula functions with identical syntax to Excel and Google Sheets.

Create Automations that run when a value changes

Use a visual no-code workflow editor to create automations and integrations that run when a cell value changes.

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Get organized quickly with Data Types
Get started — it's free