Nov 2, 2021

Product updates: New template gallery, related row rollups, Zapier integration and more

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

At, this year's Spreadsheet Day celebrations were surrounded by a number of new features and enhancements we were excited to launch in October. From our new in-app Template Gallery, to a new data type for rolling up data from related rows, and enhancements to related row lookups, we've been busy.

We're also thrilled to share that Zapier integration is now available in early access for those who want to get started right away before we roll out Zapier support more broadly (details below).

1. New Template Gallery

Our new in-app Template Gallery includes live embedded template previews and a Featured Templates section. You’ll also see a new Start from scratch section with templates for starting from a simple Table, Gantt, Kanban, and Form view. We’ve designed these templates as basic starting points for building something new as quickly as possible.

New Template Gallery
2. New data type: Related row rollup

We’re thrilled to launch the new Related row rollup data type, allowing you to perform calculations across linked rows from related worksheets and return summarized or aggregated data.

Inventory Management Spreadsheet

Similar to Related row lookups, Related row rollups look up the values of cells in Related rows, and require at least one Related row column to exist in the worksheet. However, unlike Related row lookups, which return raw data from Related rows, Related row rollups can return calculations, summaries, or aggregates of related data. More details in our October 23rd release notes and our Help Center.

3. Related row lookup improvements

Now Related row lookups bring all related cell data into the lookup cell, rather than just the first value. For example, in the animation below we create a Related row lookup column to show all of the Photo attachments from each of the Products linked to a Vendor. More details in our October 23rd release notes.

Inventory Management Spreadsheet

4. Zapier integration early access

Looking to use Zapier to connect to more of the other apps you use? Zapier integration for is now in early access, allowing you to quickly and easily connect your workbooks to over 4,000 other apps and websites.

Zapier Integrations

We’ll be rolling out full access soon. Meanwhile, we’re inviting anyone who wants early Zapier access to contact us at for steps to enable it. Commercial Launch

In a few weeks we'll be activating our paid plans and moving your workspace to a 30 day trial of our Premium plan. You can read more about our pricing plans here. Don't worry, if you choose not to subscribe to a paid plan beyond the 30 day trial period, your workspace will be automatically moved to our Free plan. You won't lose access to any of your data.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks and please contact us at if you have any questions about this transition.

More updates

As usual, whenever we release updates to the product we share more details of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the What’s New? section of the Community.  

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon ...

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