Aug 21, 2022

Go Back to School with

Jordan Aronson

It’s Back to School time, which means new students, new lessons, new challenges – and a lot of prep work. Getting ready for a new school year requires a lot of planning, and without a set of good organizational tools under your belt, the school year can quickly become hectic.

Read on to learn about how can help you manage your classroom this school year. With ready-to-use templates, unique features, free Premium plans for teachers, and discounted plans for other education staff, can help set you up for success this school year.

Learn About Using in the Classroom

From creating academic calendars to planning lessons and tracking students’ grades, is a great addition to any classroom that can adapt to your unique needs and workflow.

Browse the Template Gallery to find ready-to-use education templates that you can bring into your classroom. Check out our guide “Get Ready for Back to School with for Teachers” to take a closer look at some of these templates in action.

Try’s Class Planner template to plan classroom activities, organize them into lessons, and connect lessons with larger learning objectives.'s Class Planner template helps keep your activities, lessons, and learning objectives organized and on track

Or, check out the Student Attendance template to quickly record and track each student’s attendance record with the Icon set data type and conditional formatting.'s Student Attendance template uses conditional formatting and the Icon set data type to help you quickly log and track student attendance
Get Started with for Free

Ready to supercharge your classroom workflow? With free Premium plans for teachers and discount pricing for other education staff, you can get started with today for free.

Get a head start with one of our education templates, import your existing spreadsheets from Google Sheets or Excel, or begin creating your own workbooks from scratch.

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