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Gantt Chart Views

Plan your work with an interactive Gantt Chart

A visual, customizable project plan side-by-side with your worksheet data for managing timelines, progress, owners, dependencies, and milestones.

Built-in project management

Enable Project Management on any worksheet to assign columns used for task info. Set working days and times, enable dependencies, and more.

Gantt charts update in real time with your data

Gantt views display a real time chart of your tasks right next to your worksheet showing dependencies, start and end dates, work progress, and more.

Drag and drop taskbars to change dates and create dependencies

Move task bars in the Gantt chart to automatically update task dates and create dependency relationships between tasks.

Customize, zoom, and scroll

Zoom in to the hour and out to the year, scroll the chart in sync with your worksheet data, and customize chart visuals such as taskbar colors and labels.

Quickly visualize the Critical Path

Highlight tasks that define the project's critical path to visualize the impact on your completion date.

Create milestones to mark key achievements

Tasks with 0 day durations become milestones and appear as diamonds in your Gantt chart.

Expand taskbars for easier reading and editing

Double click on taskbars to to expand them into a full screen view.

Sort, filter, and group to see the data you need the way you need it

Powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping gives everyone a unique view of the same data based on their needs.

Create parent-child structures with row hierarchies

Indent rows to create sub-tasks and parent-child relationships for formal project management and work breakdown structures.

Assign task dependency types and lag times

Full support for task lag times and all four industry-standard dependency types:

Finish-to-Start (FS)
Start-to-Start (SS)
Start-to-Finish (SF)
Finish-to-Finish (FF)

Set task constraint dates and types

Support for task constraint dates and all eight industry-standard constraint types:

As Soon As Possible (ASAP)
As Late As Possible (ALAP)
Finish No Earlier Than (FNET)
Start No Earlier Than (SNET)
Finish No Later Than (FNLT)
Start No Later Than (SNLT)
Must Finish On (MFO)
Must Start On (MSO)

Use Hierarchy Formulas for custom computations

Use custom formula functions to do math on parent, child, ancestor, and descendant cells within hierarchies.

Create Automations that run when a task changes

Use a visual no-code workflow editor to create custom automations and integrations that run whenever a task's status changes or a deadline is coming up.

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