May 15, 2023

Product Updates: New Home, Nav Bar, Notifications, and more

Matt Robinson
co-founder & CEO

We’re happy to share that we launched a number of improvements to Spreadsheet.​com this past weekend including a new in-app home page, navigation bar, global search, workspace switcher, notifications, row activity icons, and resolvable cell comments with threading.

We also added a new workbook settings dialog where you can access newly added workbook-level controls for locale and time zone, and advanced features such as iterative calculations, which are now supported by the Spreadsheet.​com formula engine.

Let’s take a look!

New Home page

A new Home page showing your upcoming and overdue work, along with easy access to workspaces and recent items.

New in-app home page in

New Workspace Pages, Headers, and Icons

The Workspace Settings dialog has been replaced by new workspace landing pages with configurable icons and headers. Choose from several beautiful background images for each of your workspaces.

New workspace header images in

And pick from different colors and emoji’s to customize your workspace’s icon.

New workspace icons in
New Nav Bar

A new vertical navigation bar with quick search allowing fast and easy access to everything in your workspace.

New navigation bar in
New Workspace Switcher

A new workspace switcher allowing you to toggle between different workspaces you have access to.

New workspace switcher in
New Global Search

A new global search tool providing a way to quickly search across all workspaces you have access to for Workbooks, Reports, Dashboards, Worksheets, and Views.

New global search in
New In-App Notifications

In addition to all of the new navigation UI elements, you will now see in-app notifications whenever someone assigns you to an item or @mentions you. Each notification allows you to take action on it right from the notifications pane.

New notifications bar in

In Personal Settings > Notifications you can now control whether or not you want to receive email messages corresponding to cell comments, @mentions, or none at all across all workbooks you have access to.

New notification settings in

These settings can be overridden at the workbook level by clicking the bell icon at the top of the workbook message channel.

New Row-level Activity Icon

The primary column of any worksheet can now be configured to show an activity icon, telling you how many row messages exist on that row.

New row activity icons in
New Cell Comments

Now cell comments appear on hover and are both threaded and resolvable.

New threaded cell comments in

Cell comments also now roll up to the workbook channel in the new Cell comments section.

Cell comments at workbook level in
New Workbook Settings

Last but not least, a new Workbook Settings dialog is available from Menu > File > Workbook Settings, allowing you you to enable iterative calculation settings for any workbook, and view locale and time zone settings.

New worksheet settings dialog in

What's next?

A few features we're busy working on now:

Stay tuned for these and more updates coming soon ...

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